Select, Begin sewing, Adjust the sewing speed – SINGER XL1 Quantum User Manual

Page 18: Cut the thread, Lift the presser foot and remove the material

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background image

straight stitch


When the power switch is turned on, the straight stitch is automatically selected and the needle will

be in position at the left of the pressor foot (A).

To move the needle position use patterns 80, 81 on B side of pattern display panel.

Needle entry position
(left needle position)

Stitch produced in
automatic setting.

The straight stitch is
the basic stitch.

a stitch pattern.

{ndicator light

Begin sewing.


Stop sewing.


Make sure that the presser foot

is correct.


Set the material, and lower the

presser foot.

Presser foot

Standard presser foot A

Use the presser loot bearing the symbol
indicated on the instant pattern button,
*See page 10 for how to attach the

presser foot.

Ig Lightly hold the material with
3 your hands.

Place the material under the pressor

foot so the needle will enter the sewing

start point of the material. Pull both the
upper and bobbin threads to the rear of
the machine and lower the presser foot.


Adjust the sewing speed.

Be careful not to apply excessive pulling

force to the material while sewing.

Cut the thread.


(For the automatic thread cutter
see page 18.)


Lift the presser foot and remove

the material.

thread cutter lever until the needle

moves. This will cause the upper and
bobbin threads to be cut at the same

position, raise the presser foot lifting/
thread cutter lever and remove the


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