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Optional Accessories

Transparent buttonhole foot

Invisible zipper foot

Rolled hemming foot

For sewing buttonholes and

For sewing invisible zippers.

For narrow hemming the bottoms of

overlapping seam allowances.

shirts and blouses, and the edges of
scarves and ruffles.

Cording foot

For attaching embroidery floss,
buttonhole twist and other cords to
clothing or craft items.

Even feed foot

For even feeding of hard-to-feed
materials such as knits, jersey,
quilting, vinyls, leathers, and for
matching of plaids.

Twin needle/Spooi pin


For stitching parallel rows of
straight stitching.

How To Adjust The Bobbin Case

The bobbin case furnished with the sewing machine is
factory-adjusted to give the proper bobbin thread tension.
Therefore you need not adjust it. However, if it is necessary
to adjust the bobbin case, do as follows:


Turn the tension screw of the bobbin
case clockwise to increase the bobbin
thread tension or counter-clockwise to
decrease it.


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