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Pattern Sewing

Uguid Crystal

And Name

Of Each Button

liquid crystal display

F^ress this button once and 00

will appear in the liquid crystal
display under pattern No. unit.

Paiten) Size


i^altef« No.


0 0







/N j .A. y C^’** F ### I ^ ^ ✓ V ¡ ^ )

< >", I N/ ) (.


lens unit One unit

F^atteff) clear button

Pattern No. selector clear a pattern that has

been niernofized)

Reduced size button

Re()eat pattern button

Iteversed in>age button

l-^attern rnernofy button
(to memorize the pattern


Information Indicated On The Liquid Crystal Display Window

owhen you select a pattern number.

Í When you change the number or the

display to patterns on A side.


^When you change the numbers or the

display to patterns on B side.

You can stitch "A".

^ When you select a large

® When you press the reduced size button

# Wtien you select a standard ® When you press ttie reverse image

size pattern.

alter you have selected a large size

size patterr) stitch,


pattern stitctc

Paiiem Size

Paitern Size


A large bear will appear. A small bear v/ill appear to indicate that the A star will appear to indicate the The ()atiern will be sewn ir> reverse,

pattern will be sewn smaller.

pattern cannot be altered in size.

^ When you press the repeat button the

^ When you press the

pattern or pattern sequence will continue memory button,
to sew until the machine is stopped.

The above symbol will

^When a pattern is


This indicates that

patterns are storert
in the memory.

® When you make a selection that the machine will

not accept the word El tF^OF^ will appear.


' When you select a pattern which cannot

be reduced or reversed.

*When you attempt to memorize more

than 21 patterns.

^Ttu) {Uimber of patterns stored in memory is indicated by the pointer.

» 9 B * • ♦ 10 ♦ * * ♦ 15 ♦ * * * 20

To clear any pattern selection from the liquid crystal display press any of the instant pattern button or turn the power switch off
then on.


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