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Overcasting (Overedging)

Used to prevent fabric from fraying.


Select the desired stitch pattern.

Stitch width 3

Presser toot


Stitch width 5


Pressor foot


There are four stitch types that can be
used for overcasting.
Select the one that is best suited for
your material.


Replace the presser foot.

• Be sure to use ihe standard

pressor foot for Ihe stitch width
3 and 3“Step zigzag sewing.

Standard pressor foot A

# Stitch width 5
# OverlocK/overcasting

Overcasting foot C

Use the presser foot which is indicated
on the instant pattern button.
* See page 10 for liow to change the


Used for overcasting light-weight material with curly

Used for stretchy material or fabrics which tend to fray.

Used to prevent cloth edges from fraying. Place the
fabric against the foot guide so that the needle sews
close to the edge.

For overcasting the edge of a fabric to prevent it from
fraying. This stitch may also be used to sew a seam that
will not be pressed open.


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