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Disconnect the powerltne plug from the electrical outlet when changing needles, feet, or needle plates, or when leaving
machine unattended. This eliminates the possibility of starting the machine by accidentaliy pressing the speed controller.
Before removing the bobbin case, disconnect the powerline plug from the electrical outlet.

Because of the up and down movement of the needle, work carefully and watch the sewing area when operating the

Do not pull the fabric while stitching as this may deflect the needle, causing it to break.
Before cleaning the machine, disconnect the powerlino plug from the electrical outlet.
Do not attempt to adjust the motor belt. Contact the nearest service center or an authorized dealer should any adjustment be
Before changing the light bulb, make sure the poweriine plug is disconnected from the electrical outlet. Be sure to replace the

face plate which covers the light bulb before operating the machine.

This machine is designed to use a 5 watt maximum light bulb only.
This machine is double insulated. When servicing product, use only identical replacement parts.

This product is suppressed for radio and television interference with the International Electro-technical Commission requirements
of the CISPR.

Be sure to turn the power switch OFF before
replacing the sewing machine needle, or lubricating

the machine.

When not In use, be sure to turn the power switch
OFF and unplug the machine.

Do not use thinner or other similar solvents to clean
the machine.

Do not expose the machine to direct sunlight or
humid atmosphere.

This sewing machine uses a micro computer and precision electronic circuits consisting of semiconductor components, so
please observe the following precautions;
• Keep the room temperature at 40T to 100T, If the temperature of the room where the machine is used is too low, the

machine may present problems such as failure to reach its normal sewing speed.

• The motor used in this sewing machine is eiectronically controlled. When the machine is operated for an extended period of

time at tow speed, the safety device will automatically turn the machine OFF preventing the motor from overheating. If the
motor should stop while sewing, turn the power switch OFF, and wait about 20 minutes. This will reset the safety device.

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