Attaching feed cover – SINGER XL1 Quantum User Manual

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Attaching Feed Cover

For darning and frec-motion
embroidery, ttic food cover prevents the

feed from moving the material.
Attach it as follows:

Remove the presser holder
and set the feed cover
in place.


Select the pattern

as desired.

A < A

Set the feed cover on the needle Select a zigzag pattern from the five
plate while aligning the pin of the different patterns available,
feed cover with the hole in the
needle plate.

‘Before removing the presser holder,

be sure to turn OFF the power to the sewing machine.

Set the stitch length to 4.0.

Set the stitch length to 4.0 using
the manual key.


Set the embroidery hoop in


Lower the presser bar lifting lever
and start sewing.


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