Upper threading – SINGER W1762 User Manual

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(Fig. 10)

1) Place spool of thread on upper spool pin,

2) lead thread through arm thread guide A

3) down and around tension discs B from right to


4) into the check spring C over threaded discs

5) then pull thread under bar D (See insert, Fig.



6) up into take-up lever E from right to left
7) down into thread guide F on face plate

8) through the needle bar thread guide G
9) and into needle from left to right. Pull three or four inches of thread through need]

Hold the end of upper thread loosely and turn hand wheel toward you until the need

goes all the way down and comes back up.

A loop (Fig, 11) will be formed over the low

thread which then can be pulled out straight. Place both thread ends under the slot of tl
presser foot and draw toward the back of the machine, leaving both threads three or fo

inches long.