Straight stitching – SINGER W1762 User Manual

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For straight sewing on fine fabric or very soft

material, you may want to use the straight stitch presser
foot and the straight stitch needle plate which are in­

cluded in your accessory box. Both have narrow needle

Changing the Foot and Plate. To change presser

foot (14, FigT”!) loosen thumb screw ( 16, Fig. 1 i and
remove zigzag foot. Replace with hinged narrow too

and tighten screw securely.

To change needle plate (13, Fig. 1) remove it with

cover plate from machine. Turn assembly wrong side
up. Hold needle plate m left hand and cover plate in
right. (Fig. 12-A)

Slip upper pin on cover plate out of groove on

needle plate, and pull upper portion of cover plate
away. Then lower pm can be separated from groove
as the tongue on cover plate slips out of the spring

latch on needle plate.

To attach cover plate to straight stitch plate, again

hold assembly wrong side up. Holding cover plate in
right hand at a slight upward angle, slide lower pm in­

to groove, then lift cover plate to insert tongue into
opening of spring latch. Upper pin will then slide

easily into groove.

Put plates on machine and fasten securely with

needle plate screws.

Be sure to set the.....stitch width at 0 or the needle

will break in striking the foot or plate........ Adjust stops E

to hold zigzag lever D in 0 position.



Fig. 12-A

Fig. 12-B