How to use accessories – SINGER W1762 User Manual

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Remove the toothpick and wind thread under

button, forming a shank. Fasten.

Apply the above method to sew on buttons with

four holes, hooks, and snaps, etc.

If a four hole button is to be sewn, follow the

same procedure above for the two hole button.

Now lift presser foot slightly and move fabric to

permit stitching the remaining twe holes. Hooks,
snaps, etc., are sewn to the fabric with the same
procedure as for sewing two hole buttons.


NARROW HEMMER. With the needle at its

highest position, replace regular presser foot with
narrow hemmer (Fig. 31). Fora plain narrow hem,

make a 18 inch double fold for about two inches
along edge of fabric. Hold each end of the two inch
fold, slip underneath hemmer. Bring fold up into
the scroll of hemmer, draw forward to end and fas­
ten with point of needle. Lower presser bar lifter.
Gently pull ends of thread as you start stitching.

Guide material slightly to right, and it will auto­

matically take a double turn through scroll.

LACE TRIMMED HEM. To sew a narrow hem

and attach lace in one stitching, insert lace in the
slot next to needle (Fig. 32). Sew hem as above,
guiding lace under needle and hem into scroll.


Fig. 31

Fig. 32