Automatic embroidery – SINGER W1762 User Manual

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E Drop feed lock .litoh width at 4, take 3 or 4 stitches, leave needle ш tabno left of stilches.

Pivot fabric on needle to make next daisy petal. Continue until flower design in complete.

Lock threads by setting stitch width at 0 and taking 3 or 4 stitches in center of design.

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Fig. 24

Fig. 25


Your machine will produce embroidery patterns automatically by inserting anyone of its cams

f'Fia 24' in the chamber on top of the machine.

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' Be sure the zigzag needle plate and zigzag presser foot are on the machine, control lever. A

' Fia 25') is in the "C" position and the zigzag stitch width stops D" are in the off positions.
" With zigzag stitch width lever "B" (Fig. 25) in its extreme right hand position, place cam

on spindle, apply slight pressure while turning cam until it slips down into place.