SINGER W1762 User Manual

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It is easy to follow a stamped design or to work

free hand when embroidering or monogramming.

(See Fig. 27). Release the pressure from the foot

by pressing down the snap lock on the automatic

darner. Turn the drop feed knob to DOWN position

(see Fig. 19).

Stretch the fabric in an embroidery hoop, and

place under the needle after removing the presser

W Set the stitch width at the size you prefer and


1 ' the presser bar lifter. Then operate the machine at a rather hig spee w

..nas, w..

.»a a, to ^eep

»„t ot

the needle.

Fig. 27

moving the

the path of


Release pressure from toot ana

„oving the fabric firmly anb

Sloj;“: 'i;:.reor“Tt1.ri)hrLr.rtih .om center outwara, completing ana stitch.

ing in fablic.