SINGER W1762 User Manual

Page 19

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Move zigzag stich width lever "B” to its extreme left hand position and set the stitch lengt

where you prefer it, but remember that most embroidery designs require a stitch length of 1 c
less for best appearance.

To remove cam, open door covering cam chamber, move lever "B" to the right as for as i

will go and lift cam off the spindle.


Blind hems are one of the most helpful things your machine will make, they are used oi

dresses, skirts, mens trousers, drapes and any other item when an inconspicuos hem is required.

Place control lever A (Fig. 25) in the B position, the zigzag lever to the extreme left anc

set stitch length at approximately number 5.

Prepare the garment in the same manner as for hand hemming.

Step 1. (Fig. 26) If hem with folded edge is used make first fold 3 8" deep.
Step 2. Turn hem the depth desired and baste E


from upper edge. Press into place.

Step 3. Fold hem back toward right side of garment leaving 1/4" extended.
Step 4. Place material under presser foot and sew blind hem automatically.
Blind hem completed.