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Thank you for your purchase of this sewing machine-

This machine will provide you with excellent performance in sewing from light to heavy material (lawn to
denim). Please refer to this booklet for proper use and optimum service.

Safety Cautions:

^ Be sure that the electrical voltage of the socket outlet (wail receptacle) is the same as the rated

voltage of the motor.

® Disconnect the powerdine plug from the socket outlet when changing needles, presser foot or

throat plate, or when leaving the machine unattended- This eiiminaies the possibility of start­

ing the machine by accidentally pressing the speed controller.

^ Do not pull the fabric while you are stitching as this may deflect the needle, causing it to break-

^ Before cleaning your machine, disconnect the powerdine plug from the socket outlet.

^ Do not attempt to adjust the motor belt. Contact your nearest Service Center should any

adjustment be required.

Handle the foot controller with care and avoid dropping it on the fioor. Be sure not to place
anything on top of it.

^ When sewing closely watch the area being sewn to avoid injuries from needles and knives.

^ Use only the handle to lift and move the machine.



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