Caution – SINGER 14U64A User Manual

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Connect the machine plug to the electncal receptacle of your machine and the power line plug to the wall

To run the machine and control the speed, press the speed controller. The harder you press, the faster the
machine will sew. To stop the machine from sewing, remove your foot from the speed controller.


^ Be sure that the e^ectncai voltage of the socket outlet (wah receptadei Is the same as the rated voltage of

the motor.

^ Handle the foot controller with care and avoid dropping It on the floor. Be sure not to place anything

on top of It.

® Disconnect the powerdine plug from the socket outlet when changing needles, presser feet or throat

plates, or when leaving the machine urnttended. This allmilnates the possibility of startingthe machine
by accidentally pressing the speed controller.

Before cleaning your machine, disconnect the power-line plug from the socket outlet.

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