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Use Singer needles Cat. No. 2045 avaiiable in sizes #I 1 and #14.

To remove the needles:

® Be sure the power line plug is disconnected from the wall receptacle.

» Turn the hand wheel toward you until the needle is at its highest

position. Loosen the needle set screw with a screwdriver and remove

To replace the needle:

0 Insert the needles into the needle bar hole as far as they will go with

flat surface to the rear and securely tighten the needle set screw.


. Hcv; to rsplccs st£t:oo£ry koifs

The stationary knife should be changed when it becomes dull.

The stationary knife can be replaced according to the following steps, however if them are any difficulties
experienced, call your Singer representative to make the adjustment.

(1) Be sure that the power line plug is disconnected from

the wall receptacle.

(2) Open the looper cover and set the movable knife in the

non-operating position (see page 12).

(3) Loosen the stationary knife set screw and remove the

stationary knife.

(4) Place a new stationary knife in the groove of the

stationary knife holder, align the cutting edge level
with the top surface of the throat plate and tighten set

(5) Return the miOvable knife to its original position.

15. How to exchange



First of all, be sure to disconnect power-line plug.

Remove light cover as shown in figure, turn bulb to left and
remove. To replace, push bulb into socket and turn to right.

Light bulb is a bayonet type and be sure to purchase a

12 volt, 6 watt bulb when replacing.

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