Needie-fabric combinations, Operating the machine, Connecting machine – SINGER 6110 User Manual

Page 11: Needle-fabric combinations operating the machine

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needie-fabric combinations

Correct needle selection is closely related to
stitch quality and appearance. Damaged fabric
is almost always caused by a needle that is

bent, burred or that is an inappropriate style
for the fabric and thread you are using.

The three types of needles most commonly used

are the regular, ball point, and wedge. To

obtain good results, the correct size and type
of needle for the fabric and thread you are

using must bo chosen. Refer to the Fabric,

Thread and Needle Table, page 8.

Result of Using a Bent Needle

operating the machine


• Before plugging in your machine, be sure

the electrical information on the side of the
machine A, below the hand wheel agrees

with the range marked on your electrical


• Connect plug B to machine and plug C to

your socket outlet.

• To turn the machine attd light on or off,

press switch as shown.

• To run the machine and control speed, press

the speed controller D with your foot. The

speed controller has electronic circuitry

which provides constant speed and constant
penetration when sewing on fabrics of vary­
ing thickness. The harder you press, the

faster the machine will sew,

CAUTION: Disconnect the power line plug from

the socket outlet when changing needles, feet

or needle plates or when leaving the machine

unattended. This eliminates the possibility of

starting the machine by accidentally pressing

the speed controller.