Procedure – SINGER 6110 User Manual

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n H M a I j

The twin-needle simultaneously produces two
parallel, closely spaced lines of pattern stitch­

ing. You can stitch with either one or two col­

ours of thread.

• Pattern Group Selector: Stitch desired

• Needle Position: i.

• Stitch Width:

j |



• Stitch Length: .5-4 to suit fabric

• General Purpose Needle Plate

• General Purpose Foot or Special Purpose Foot


• Insert twin-needle.

• Thread as for single-needle stitching, and

through right eye of needle.

• Attach detachable spool pin, with felt, in

hole on top cover,

• Place spool of thread on detachable spool

pin and thread machine in usual way.

• Thread through remaining points, making

certain to omit the thread guide above the

rieedle and pass thread through left eye of


A CAUTION. Do not use a stitch width greater than what is recommended. A v/tder stitch will result In needle breakage.