Adjusting machine stitch to suit your fabric, Setting selectors, Regulating presser foot pressure – SINGER 6110 User Manual

Page 16: Adjusting machine, Stitch to suit your fabric

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adjusting machine stitch to suit your fabric

Before you move the selectors to set your

machine for straight stitching, turn the hand

wheel toward you until the needle is above

the needle plate.



Needle Position Selector


♦ Set needie position selector at

♦ Set stitch width selector at

♦ Set stitch length; . 5 - 4 to suit fabric

J.: -I

Stitch Width Selector


The pressure dial regulates the pressure that

the presser foot exerts on the fabric. Correct
pressure is important because it enables the
fabric to feed smoothly and evenly, without

being marked.

The NORM (norma!) setting is an all purpose
setting that can be used for sewing a wide va­
riety of fabrics of different weights and tex­

tures. Intermediate notched settings above and

below NORM (normal) are also provided. When

you need extra control to sew, regulate the
setting to heavier or lighter pressure to suit

the fabric being used.

Lower the foot before setting pressure.

• To increase pressure, turn dial from NORM

toward MAX.

• To decrease pressure, turn dial from NORM

toward Iti .

• For darning, set dial on flf .