SINGER 6110 User Manual

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Refer to this table to determine the weight and type of fabric you will bo using in order to

select the correct needle and thread combination.

For correct needle and thread combination for your fabric, refer to the Fabric. Thread and

Needle Table on the following page.

Velvet. Crepe de Chine. Shantung,
Suiting, Brocade

: -HEévv \


Velvet. Taffeta, Satin, Crepe

Brocade. Taffeta, Satin. Crepe

Velveteen, Corduroy, Velvet. Fleece,

Velour, Terry, Chintz

Stretch Veiours'% Stretch Terry-'*'


U$uaify contain some synliiottc tibres also.

Corduroy, Denim, Ticking. Canvas,

Linen. Drapery Fabric, Burlap

Denim, Duck,
Canvas, Sailcloth.
Upholstery Fabric

Suiting, Flannel, Gabardine, Feit,

Sorgo, Mohair

Suiting, Tweed, Duffle

Coating, Blanketing


Velvet, Crepe, Taffeta, Satin.


Jacquard, Double Knit, Sweater Knit,

Bonded Knit, Tricot. Spandex, Stretch
Terry, Stretch Velour, Deep Pile, Fake

Double Knit, Heienca, Fake Furs

Linen Type, Poplin, Corduroy,


Denim, Gabardine, Drapery Fabric

Terry Knit

Double Knit

Patent, Imitation-Leathers & Suedes,
Leather, Suede, Replite

Buckskin, Calfskin. Suede, Beptite Upholstery Leather

Bonded Vinyl (Knit Back), Patent,
Embossed, Printed

Uphoistory Vinyl

Upholstery Vinyl