Buttons – SINGER 6110 User Manual

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Pattern Group Selector:



• Needle Position;

• Stitch Width: To suit button

• Stitch Length; 0

• Snap-in Feed Cover

• General Purpose Foot



Flat buttons can be sewn on by machine using

the zig-zag stitch.

• Attach snap-in feed cover to genera! pur­

pose needle plate.

1, Set stitch width selector at

• Set needle position at left j,.

• Place button positioned on fabric under

foot and lower needle into centre of left


• Lower presser foot.

• Turn hand wheel toward you until the ne­

edle rises out of button hole and is just

above the pressor foot,

2. Set stitch width selector to a medium width

zig-zag setting.

• Continue turning hand wheel until the

needle is above right hole, adjust stitch

width, as necessary, until needle enters

the centre of the right hole.

• Take six or more zig-zag stitches and

finish with the needle on the left.

3. Move stitch width selector to |

few stitches to fasten threads.

and take a

• Pul! thread ends through to back of gar­

ment knot close to fabric and snip off

loose ends of thread.