Adjusting stitch balance – SINGER 6110 User Manual

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When you are preparing to do pattern stitch­

ing, make a test sampie with the fabric and

thread you plan to use so that you can adjust

the stitch length correctly.

Any sitch length setting from 1 to 4 will give

you an open stitch pattern of whichever de­
corative stitch pattern you select, The higher
the number, the more open, or farther apart,
your stitch will be. The area between 0 and 1
of the selector is used for the fine adjust­
ment of satin stitching (see page 21).


For stretch stitch patterns, stitch length is

controlled with a single setting of the stitch

length selector. Simply rotate it until the co­
loured bar M is under the Y symbol above

the dial.

Setting for Stretch SHlch Pattern



When you are using stretch stitch patterns,

you may need to adjust the stit'ch balance dial

in order to correct the appearance of the

Before you move the dial from its neutral po­
sition { -4 symbol on dial aligned with line

— on panel), make a test sample. If adjust­

ment is required stitch slowly and move the
dial as illustrated.

• Turn dial down to bring stitches of the pat­

terns together (ill. A).

• Turn dial up to separate stitches of the pat­

terns (ill. B).

Always return the dial to its neutral position

after sewing stretch stitch patterns.