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How to Braifl.

The design to be braided must be applied to the wrong side of the garment
For most braiding, a medium length of stitch should be used, but when

braiding small curves it is sometimes necessary to use a shorter stitch and to
run the machine slowly in order to follow the curves.

A braiding design should always be started where it is convenient to pull

the braid through to the under side. A good starting point is usually an
inside one or at the end of a scroll, but this can be determined best from the

de«=ign you wish to braid.

The braid should pull freely from the roll. It requires no guiding except

to see that it does not turn over as it enters the braider tube.

When braiding a square corner, sew until the corner is reached, then stop

the machine with the needle in the braid, raise the presser bar and turn the

material, using the needle as a pivot. Lower the presser bar and proceed

to sew.

How to Fasten the Ends of Braid.

When you have finished braiding, make a small hole with a stiletto, or

with scissors, at each end of the design and pull the ends of braid through
to the underside of the material. Fasten the ends with a hand sewing needle.

To Braid on Net or Fine Material.

To braid on net or fine material it is necessary to have the design stamped

on paper, and if the material is difficult to stitch when using a single thickness,
it is well to slip a piece of paper under the quilter foot also.


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