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and substituted by the small motor belt connecting the hand wheel of the

machine with the pulley of the motor. The speed controller is attached to

the brace of the stand and then connected to the treadle of the machine
by means of the Pitman Rod, which has first been unscrewed from the driving

crank of the band wheel. An ordinary treadle machine can thus become an
electric one. The conversion takes only a few minutes and can be done by
anyone without electrical or mechanical skill. When it is desired to operate

the machine, the motor flex is plugged into a lamp socket or wall plug and
gentle pressure on the treadle sets the machine in motion. The speed of the

machine is varied according to the amount of pressure applied.

The Portable Electric Machine.

Another model is the Portable Electric Machine, shown in Fig. 144. The

illustration shows the equipment supplied with this type of machine which
enjoys great popularity because of its compactness and usefulness.






The Electric Desk Cabinet Machine.

The third model is the Desk Cabinet machine. (See Fig. 145). In this

case the machine is mounted on an elegant table. The motor is attached to

the machine, as already described, and the controller is located on the floor.
VvTen not in use the machine head is lowered beneath the table top, and the
wooden extension leaf of the table folded over. The table then becomes an
elegant article of furniture which can be used for any purpose to which a
small fancy table can be put.

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