About your range, Door lock lever, Oven window – Maytag 8111P375-60 User Manual

Page 15: Oven vent

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WARNING: NEVER place excessive weight on or
stand on an open oven door. This could cause the

range to tip over, break the door, or injure the user.

NEVER place fingers between hinge and front oven

frame. Hinge arms are spring mounted. If

accidently hit, the hinge will slam shut against oven
frame and could injure your fingers. ____________

When baking, be sure oven door is completely closed.

Baking results will be affected if door is not closed.

NOTE: When range is new, the oven door may feel
“spongy” when you close the door. This is normal and will
become less “spongy” with use.

To remove lift-off oven door:

1. When cool, open oven door to the broil stop position

(opened about 4-inches).

2. Grasp door at each side.
3. Lift up evenly until door clears hinge arms. Do not use

door handle to lift door.

To replace oven door:

1. Grasp door at each side.

2. Align slots in door with hinge arms on range.

3. Slide door down onto hinge arms until door is

completely seated on hinges. Then push down on top

corners of door to completely seat door on hinges.

Door is not completely seated if one side is higher or if
door appears to be crooked.

Do not attempt to open or close door or operate oven until

door is properly replaced.


The door lock lever is used to lock the oven door during a

self-clean operation. To lock door, move the lever to the

right. This is the locked position for the clean cycle.

Do not move the lock lever to the right or locked position
when baking. If the door is accidently locked:

• The cooking operation will be canceled.

• If oven temperature is above 400°F, the door will not

unlock until the oven has cooled.

• Allow oven to cool then unlock and open door. (Place a

fan in front of oven to speed cooling.)


To protect the oven door window:

1. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents such as steel wool

scouring pads or powdered cleansers as they may
scratch the glass.

2. Do not hit the glass with pots, pans, furniture, toys, or

other objects.

3. Do not close the oven door until the oven racks are in


Scratching, hitting, jarring or stressing the glass may
weaken its structure causing an increased risk of

breakage at a later date.



When oven is in use, the area near the oven vent

opening may feel warm or hot to the touch.



On coil element cooktops, the oven
vent is located at the RIGHT REAR


• Be sure drip bowl for the right rear

element has a hole in the center to
allow proper oven venting.

• Do not cover this drip bowl with aluminum foil as this

will block proper oven venting and may affect baking


On a smoothtop, the vent is located at the center of the