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It is normal for parts of the range to become hot during
a clean cycle.

Avoid touching cooktop, door, window, or oven vent
area during a clean cycle.

To prevent damage to oven door, do not attempt to

unlock the door when the LOCK indicator is displayed.

It is normal for excessive flare-ups and smoking to
occur during cleaning if the oven is heavily soiled.


• Remove pans, broiler pan, and

oven racks. Racks may discolor

and not slide easily after cleaning.

• Clean oven window (see glass on

page 21), oven frame and door
frame. These areas are not
exposed to cleaning temperatures;

soil may bake on during clean

• To prevent damage, do not clean

gasket located on oven door.
Gasket seals in heat during the
clean cycle.

• To prevent excessive smoke,

flare-ups or flaming, wipe up

excess grease or spillovers from
oven bottom.

• Porcelain is acid resistant, not

acid proof and may discolor during
the clean cycle. To prevent or

reduce discoloration, wipe up
sugar or acid spills (lemon, milk,

barbecue sauce, cheese).


• As oven heats, the LOCK indicator

will light in the display. At this

point, the door can not be
unlocked and opened.

• To prevent damage to door or lock

lever, do not force door open
when the LOCK indicator is


• Some smoke and odor may be

detected the first few times the

oven is cleaned. This is normal
and will lessen in time,

• Smoke may occur if oven is

heavily soiled or if broiler pan was

left in oven.

• As oven heats, you may hear

sounds of metal parts expanding
and contracting. This is normal

and will not damage oven.


• The LOCK indicator will turn off

about one hour after clean cycle

ends. The door can be unlocked
and opened. Use care as oven

may still be hot.

• A gray powdery ash may remain

on the oven bottom or walls. This

is normal. Use a damp cloth to
remove ash.

• If soil remains, the clean cycle

may not have been long enough.

• Wipe oven racks with a small

amount of vegetable oil if racks do
not slide easily after clean


• Clean around oven vent opening if

there is a deposit from the fumes

vented during cleaning.

• A white discoloration may appear

after cleaning if acid soils (milk,
tomato, lemon, etc.) or sugary

soils were not wiped up before the
clean cycle. This discoloration is

normal and will not affect the
performance of the clean cycle.

CLEANING TIPS-----------------------------

• Turn off ove

may burn oi

• Clean oven


• Do not use

part of the r

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n light before cleaning as the light

jt during a clean cycle.

regularly rather than allowing soil to

oven cleaners in, on, or around any
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The right front surface element will not operate

during a self-clean operation.