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Oven door will not

lock for self-clean.

1. Self-clean was not properly set.
2. Oven door is not closed.

1. Follow instructions on page 18.

2. Be sure door is properly closed.

Oven door will not
unlock after clean
cycle or if accidently

locked during baking.

1. Clean cycle ended less than one

hour ago.

2. Oven hot enough to engage internal

lock, if accidently locked during


1. Allow about 1 hour for oven to cool. Door can be

unlocked when LOCK indicator is no longer dis­

2. Allow oven to cool until LOCK indicator no longer

is displayed. To speed cooling, allow a fan to blow

on oven door.

Moisture condensa­

tion on oven window.

1. Window may fog when cooking food

high in moisture.

2. Used a cloth saturated with water to

1. This condition is normal.

2. Wring excess water from cloth before cleaning.

clean window.

Oven light does not

1. Oven light bulb is loose or burned

1, Check or replace bulb.

turn on.


2. Light switch in the OFF position.

2. See page 16 for instructions.

Strong odor or light
smoke when oven is
turned on the first
few times.

1. “Burning off’ of manufacturing oils,

lubricants used during the manufac­
turing process, or insulation.

2, Food soil.

1. This is normal for a new range and will disappear

after a few uses. A clean cycle will speed up the
process. Opening a window or turning on a fan
will help remove the smoke and odor.

2. Use self-clean feature.

“F” plus a number or
letters appear in dis­

L /


I nis IS caiiea a гмин

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any pad except the CANCEL and A or T pads. If the fault code and beeps continue, discon­
nect power to the appliance and call an authorized servicer.

If the oven is heavily soiled, excessive flare-ups may result in a fault code during a clean
cycle. Press any pad except the CANCEL and A or ▼ pads and allow oven to cool for one

hour then reset the clean cycle.