Maytag 8111P375-60 User Manual

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Porcelain enamel

• Cooktop on coil


• Trim on


• Backguard

• Soap and water
• Paste of baking

soda and water

• Non-abrasive

plastic pad or

Porcelain enamel is glass fused on metal and may crack or chip with
misuse. It is acid resistant, not acid proof. All spillovers, especially acid or

sugar spillovers, should be wiped up immediately with a dry cloth. This is
especially important around the vent opening for smoothtop cooktop.
Surface may discolor or dull if soil is not removed.

1. When cool, wash with soapy water, rinse and dry.

2. Never wipe off a warm or hot surface with a damp cloth. This may

cause cracking and chipping.

3. Never use oven cleaners, abrasive or caustic cleaning agents on

exterior finish of range.


Never use oven
cleaners, ammonia or

glass cleaners with

NOTE: Call an authorized servicer if the smoothtop should crack, break or if
metal or aluminum foil should melt on the cooktop.

• To clean light to

moderate soil

• Cooktop Cleaning

Creme* or other
product specially
formulated for the

• Soap and water

Wait until cooktop has cooled before cleaning. Gently apply cleaning agent
with a non-abrasive plastic brush, nylon or plastic pad, paper towel or clean
cloth. (Do not use soiled sponge or cloth as these may leave a film and dis­
coloration.) Rinse thoroughly and completely dry.


Cooktop Cleaning Creme can be purchased from your dealer.

• To clean heavy

soil or brown/
gray stains from
hard water or
metal marks

• Cooktop Cleaning

Creme* or other
product specially

formulated for the

Gently scrub with cleaning creme and clean cloth or paper towel. Reapply
cleaner. Cover with damp paper towels to keep cleaner moist. Let stand for

30 to 45 minutes. Scrub to remove remaining stain. Do not use abrasive

powders or pads as they may scratch the surface. Rinse and dry.

• To clean

burned-on or
crusty soils or

• Single-edge safety

razor blade

• Cooktop Cleaning


Hold razor blade scraper at 30° angle and very carefully scrape off soil.

Clean remaining soil with Cooktop Cleaning Creme.

• To clean sugar,

starch, plastic

• Single-edge safety

razor blade held

with a potholder

• Wooden spoon or

plastic handled
metal spatula

Turn element to LOW and immediately scrape from hot surface to a cool
area. Then turn element OFF and cool. Clean residue with razor blade
scraper and cleaning creme.

• Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil can not be removed once it melts on to the top. If the foil melts

over a cooking area, the cooking area cannot be used as it may damage the
cookware or damage the smoothtop.