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Read and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Test a small inconspicuous area using a very light

pressure to see if the surface may scratch or discolor.

This is particularly important for porcelain enamel, highly

polished or shiny metal or plastic surfaces, and painted


Glass Cleaners - Bon Ami, Cinch, Glass Plus, Windex.

Dishwashing Liquid Detergents - Dawn, Dove, Ivory,


Mild Liquid Spray Cleaners - Fantastik, Formula 409.

Non-Abrasive Cleaners - Bon Ami, paste of baking

soda and water.

Mildly Abrasive Powder or Liquid All Purpose

Cleansers - Ajax, Barkeepers Friend, Cameo, Comet,
Soft Scrub, Elco Cleaner Conditioner.

Non-Abrasive or Scratchless Plastic or Nylon

Scouring Pads or Sponges - Chore Boy Plastic
Cleaning Puff, Scrunge Scrub Sponges, or Scotch-Brite
No Scratch, Cookware or Kitchen Sponge.

Abrasive Scouring Pads - S.O.S., Brillo Steel Wool
Soap, Scotch-Brite Pads.

NOTE: The cleaning products for the smoothtop cooktop
are listed in the chart on page 22.

(Brand names for the above cleaning products are registered

trademarks of the respective manufacturers.)


Be sure appliance is off and all parts are cool
before handling or cleaning. This is to avoid

damage and possible burns.

if a part is removed, be sure it is correctly replaced.

To prevent staining or discoloration, clean
appliance after each use.






Broiler pan and
insert, Select


• Soap and water
• Plastic or soap

filled scouring pad

• Dishwasher

Never cover insert with aluminum foil as this prevents the fat from
draining to pan below.

1. Remove from oven after use. Cool then pour off grease.

2. Place soapy cloth over insert and pan; let soak to loosen soil.
3. Wash in warm soapy water. Use soap filled scouring pad to remove

stubborn soil.

4. Broiler pan and insert can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Control knobs

• Soap and water
• Mild liquid sprays
• Glass cleaners

For ease of cleaning, turn off knob and remove by pulling forward.

1. Wash, rinse, and dry. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents as they may

scratch the finish and remove the markings.

2. Turn on each element to be sure knobs have been correctly replaced.

Drip bowls,

• Soap and water
• Plastic scouring


• Mild abrasive


• Flitz Metal Polish

Do not cover drip bowis with aluminum foil.
Bowls can permanently discolor over time, if exposed to excessive heat, or
if soil is allowed to bake on. The discoloration will not affect the cooking
1. After each use, wash, rinse and dry,

2. If heavily soiled, gently scrub with plastic scouring pad. If soil is allowed

to burn on. It may be impossible to remove,

3. A non-abrasive metal polish such as Flitz may be used to help remove

blue/gold heat stains. Flitz is available in many automotive supply and
hardware stores. These stains are caused by overheating, and normally
occur over a period of time. They are usually permanent. Follow package

Drip bowls,

• Soap and water
• Mild abrasive


• Plastic scouring


• Dishwasher

Porcelain may discolor or craze over time, if overheated, or if soil is allowed

to bake on. This is normal and will not affect cooking performance.

1. When cool, wash after each use, rinse and dry to prevent staining or


2. To clean heavy soil, soak in hot sudsy water, then use mild abrasive

cleaner and plastic scouring pad.