Caution, Oven racks, About your range – Maytag 8111P375-60 User Manual

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Disconnect power to range by tripping circuit
breaker or removing fuse before replacing light

Be sure bulb is cool before touching or replacing

Use a dry potholder to prevent possible harm to
hands when replacing bulb.

Do not touch hot bulb with a damp cloth as this
may cause the bulb to break.

To turn on the oven light: Push in

rocker switch located on the backguard.

To replace oven light buib:

1. Disconnect power to range.

2. Hold bulb cover in place then slide wire retainer off

cover. NOTE: Bulb cover will fall if not held in place

while removing wire retainer.

3. Remove bulb cover.

4. Remove light bulb and replace with a 40 watt appliance


5. Replace bulb cover and secure with wire retainer.

6. Reconnect power to range. Reset clock.




Do not attempt to change the rack position when the
oven is hot.

The oven rack is designed with a safety lock-stop position.
This prevents the rack from accidently coming completely

out of the oven when pulling the rack out to add or remove


To remove oven rack:

1. When rack is cool, pull rack straight out until it stops at

the lock-stop position,

NOTE: If it is necessary to change rack position when
rack is hot, use potholders to protect hands.

2. Tilt the front end of the rack up.

3. Continue pulling rack out of oven.

To replace oven rack:

1. Place rack on the rack supports in oven.

2. Tilt the front end of the rack up slightly.

3. Slide rack back until it clears the lock-stop position.

4. Lower front of rack and slide rack straight back into


5. IMPORTANT: Pull rack out to the lock-stop position to

be sure rack is correctly replaced.

6. If properly installed, rack will not come out of oven

unless the front edge is lifted up.

7. Push rack back into oven and close oven door.