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Do not cover an entire oven rack or oven bottom with
aluminum foil. This will reduce heat circulation, result in
poor baking and may damage the oven bottom.

A small piece of foil may be used to catch spillovers.

Place it on a lower rack several inches below the food.




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Do not cover the broiler insert with aluminum foil. This
prevents fat from draining into the pan below and
increases flare-ups and smoke. However, the broiler

pan may be lined with foil for easier clean-up.



• For optimum results, air must circulate freely within the

oven and around the food. To help ensure this, place
food in the center of the oven. Allow two inches

between the edge of the pan(s) and the oven walls.

• Use one rack for optimum baking results of cakes,

cookies or biscuits.

Position the rack so the food is in the center of the
oven. Use either rack position 2 or 3.

If cooking on two racks,

stagger the food to ensure

proper air flow.

If cooking on two racks,

use rack positions 2 and 4

for cakes and rack

positions 1 and 4 or 2 and 5
when using cookie sheets.

Never place two cookie sheets
on one rack.

If roasting a large turkey, place the turkey on rack 1 and

the side dishes on rack 5.


• Preheating is necessary for baking.

• It is not necessary to preheat for roasting.

• To preheat, set the oven to the desired temperature and

allow about 8 to 15 minutes for the oven to preheat. A

single beep will indicate that the oven is preheated.

• Selecting a temperature higher than desired will NOT

preheat the oven any faster, and may have a negative
effect on baking results.

RACKS (highest position): Used for toasting bread, or for

two-rack baking.

RACK 4: Used for most broiling and two-rack baking.

RACK 3: Used for most baked goods on a cookie sheet or

jelly roll pan, or frozen convenience foods, or for two-rack


RACK 2: Used for roasting small cuts of meat, large
casseroles, baking loaves of bread, cakes (in either tube,

bundt, or layer pans) or two-rack baking.

RACK 1 ; Used for roasting large cuts of meat and large
poultry, pies, souffles, or angel food cake, or for two-rack