Important safety instructions, Cooktop, Smoothtop – Maytag 8111P375-60 User Manual

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WARNING; NEVER use appliance

door, or drawer, if equipped, as a
step stool or seat as this may result

in possible tipping of the appliance,

damage to the appliance, and

serious injuries.

If appliance is installed near a window, proper
preSutions should be taken to prevent curtains from

blowing over surface elements.


NEVER use appliance to warm or
heat the room. Failure to follow this

instruction can lead to possible
burns, injury, fire, or damage to the


NEVER wear loose-fitting or

hanging garments while using the
appliance. Clothing could catch

utensil handles or ignite and cause
burns if garment comes in contact
with hot heating elements.

To ensure proper operation and to avoid damage ^

appliance or possible injury, do not adjust, service, rep


replace any part of the appliance unless specifically

“éócSmendeS ill this manual. Refer all other servicing » a

qualified technician.

MFVER store or use gasoline or other combustible or
ía^a» maSr№ In the oven, near surface untó of m
the vicinity of this appliance as fumes could create

hazard or an explosion.

To orevent grease fires, do not let cooking grease or other
flammable materials accumulate in or near the applian .

Use only dry potholders. Moist or
damp potholders on hot surfaces

may result in a steam burn. Do not
let potholder touch hot heating

elements. Do not use a towel or

other bulky cloth which could
easily touch hot heating elements

and ignite.

Always turn off all controls when cooking is completed.


heat unopened containers on the surface unit or

hihe oven. Pressure build-up in the container may cause
container to burst resulting in burns, injury or damage to

the appliance.


NEVER leave surface units
unattended especially when using

high heat settings. An unattended

boilover could cause smoking and a

greasy spillover can cause afire.


improve cooking efficiency.


. 11,

If pan is smaller than element, a
portion of the element will be

exposed to direct contact and

could ignite clothing or potholder.

Only use certain types of glass, 9lass/ceramic, ceram^^^
earthenware, o, other glazed utensils su«e^

or oven service that will not break due to the sudden
change in temperature. Follow utensil manufacturer s

instructions when using glass.

Turn pan handle toward center of

cooktop, not out into the room or
over another surface element. This

reduces the risk of burns, ignition of
flammable materials, or spillage if

pan is accidently bumped or

reached by small children.

To prevent damage to removable ''«f "9 f

immerse soak or clean in a dishwasher or self-clean
oven. A damaged element could short resulting in a fire

shock hazard.

Make sure drip bowls are in place as absence of these
bowls during cooking could damage wiring or parts.


NEVER cook on broken cooktop. Contact a qualified
San irnmediately. If cooktop should break, cleanm
ioluti“ and splllovere may penetrate the broken cookt

and create a risk of electric shock.

Clean cooktop with caution. Some cleaners can produc,

noxious fumes if applied to a hot surface. If a wet sponc

cloth, or paper towel is used

^ ®

cooking area, be careful to avoid steam burn.



^ apj.-'n«' IV«'


use aluminum foil to line drip bowls, or to cover

an oven““it “oven boUom. Misuse could tesuh in ns of

electric shock, fire, or damage to the appliance. Use
only as directed in this manual.