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Operating manual: innovaphone IP222/IP232

whereby #16 is the number code for unparking a call and $(1) relates to the parking
position. The parking position is assigned automatically and always begins with the number
0, so that in most cases dialling #160 suffices to reach the parked call.

Unparking a call from someone else’s phone number is realised by dialling #17. The syntax
for this reads:


whereby $(1) again relates to the parking position and $ is the phone number where the
call is currently parked. The end of the phone number is marked with a final #. This number
code unparks the call and connects it immediately.

The scenario described at the beginning can thus be solved easily if the switchboard picks
up calls using myPBX and parks them to the correct destination phone numbers.
Subscribers who are then requested over the tannoy system to answer the call can then
pick up the call from any terminal by using the number code #170nnn#, nnn represents their
own extension number.

Headset operation

The headset is activated once it is plugged into the USB port. Separate installation is not
required. The headset option can be switched on under configuration, phone setup, device
settings. This means the first operating element for making calls is no longer the handset,
but the headset.

From hardware version 1212, there is a headset key on the phone. This key can be used to
accept and hang up calls when using the headset. Accepting calls on the appropriate
operating element on the headset can only be guaranteed if the headset is listed with this
function in the innovaphone compatibility list. The list is located at wiki.innovaphone.com
and is also accessible via the web page for IP222 and IP232 phones.

Extension module

There is an extension module for the IP222 and IP232 phones. Up to two extension
modules can be connected to one telephone. The feet clip on mechanically. A special cable
for the power connection is supplied.

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