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Operating manual: innovaphone IP222/IP232

When the favorite is being called, it is also possible to transfer the call to your own phone
via the Pickup option.


Accounts correspond to all users who are registered on this phone. Up to 6 users can be
registered to a phone. Selecting an account makes it possible to switch to this user as the
active user. In addition, the registration settings can be changed for this user.

Account settings include setting up privacy "Do not disturb", the ring tones, changing call
waiting settings, changing language, as well as setting the time format. The settings relate
to the active account and can be set differently for each account.

Phone setup includes configuration of direct dial, locking the phone using a PIN, and device
settings for headset and LCD brightness. These settings are independent of the active

Favorites is used to set, what favorite lists should be shown. When using extension modules
on the phone, it is also possible to set where the favorites list shall be displayed - on the
phone or extension module number one or two. Furthermore, new lists can be created that
are then filled with the selected favorites in the application.

A contact list that is only available on this telephone can be created and managed in the
local phone directory (local contacts). A search in the Contacts app also incorporates the
entries on this phone.

Information that may be important for any support cases i.e. IP address, serial number and
versions are shown under Information.

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