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Operating manual: innovaphone IP222/IP232

Key configuration

The functions of the keys on the numeric keypad are commonly used and correspond to
their labelling. They are not described in more detail here.

Home: go one step back in the menu. On the top level of an app, the
key switches to the Home app. On phones prior to hardware version
1212, this key was labelled with "ESC" and had the same function.

Headset: opens the call preparation for calls with a headset. When it
rings, this key accepts the call on the headset. During a call, this key
terminates a call. Prior to hardware version 1212, the disconnect button
was used to end a call.

Microphone: turns on the "do not disturb" mode. The mode is
configurable and, in the default setting, it switches off the ring tone for
all inbound calls. During a call, this key will switch off the respective
microphone (mute).

R key: opens the list of inbound calls (in-bound call list). Double press
this key to immediately call back the last inbound call. During the call,
the active call is held with the key in order to start a further call for
consultation, call forward or three-party conference.

Redial: opens the list of previous outbound calls to redial the last
number dialled. Double press this button to immediately select the last
call. While the phone rings and during a call, this key is used to forward
a call.

Speaker: opens the Phone app for call preparation and turns on the
speaker. While the phone rings, this key is used to accept a call in
hands-free mode. During a call, the hands-free mode is turned on. As
long as this button is pressed, the handset can be hooked on without
ending the call.

Four way rocker key: is used to scroll upwards and downwards in lists
on the display. During the call, the volume can be adjusted to the left
and the right. This volume always refers to the output currently being
used - either handset, speakers or headset.

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