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Operating manual: innovaphone IP222/IP232


Making calls is possible in any mode, as expected: You pick up the handset, dial a number
and hear the ring tone until someone has answered the call.

As soon as the handset is picked up, the phone automatically switches to the "Phone" app.
On the screen, you can see the numbers that have already been dialled. If the handset is on
hook, the telephone switches to the Contacts application as soon as the first digit is typed
on the keyboard (except if something is being edited). A search in all directories is
immediately started to find a matching entry that is then offered in a list.

The call can also take place from the following applications:

• from the phone by picking up the handset,
• from the call lists,
• using the function keys of the Home application.
• from My favorites and
• from the contacts.

You are also able to send a short message to the other party from the call preparation. This
only works if the remote device is compatible, thus at least with one’s own colleagues on the

If the outbound call remains unanswered, the call can be ended via the c-icon (call
completion) in a way that allows options for further actions to be available: callback, redial,
and send message. If a recall has been activated, the phone will inform you as soon as the
remote device is available again. This only works if the remote device supports this function.
Automatic redialling tries to dial the number again at regular intervals. This also works if the
remote device is in another network. By selecting "Message", the window to send messages

Inbound calls are displayed in the information area. If available, additional information such
as “name” and “phone number” of the caller is also displayed.

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