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Operating manual: innovaphone IP222/IP232

The phone status icons

The status of the phone is shown as an icon in the middle of the top line of the screen. A
maximum of three icons are displayed at the same time. In the case of icons that rule each
other out, only the icon that is currently active will be shown.

Not registered

Error: the phone is not connected to the telephone
system and does not work!

Second registration active

Warning. As the connection to the telephone system is
not working, the phone has connected to a replacement
system. Phone remains in full working order.

Microphone off

The microphone is switched off on the audio device that
is currently in use (handset, hands-free, headset). Other
audio devices are not active. The other party cannot
hear you.

Do not disturb

Depending on the configuration, the ringing is switched
off. By default, the ringing is switched off for all calls.
The standard setting can be changed so that the
telephone just rings once, or the caller hears a busy
signal or inbound calls are ignored. In addition, the
setting can be limited to internal or external calls.

Diversion (always)

All calls are immediately redirected to the specified
address. This call diversion overrides the other call

Diversion (busy)

If the own phone is busy, inbound calls are redirected to
the specified address.

Call diversion (no response)

Calls that are not answered during a set time, are
redirected to the specified address. The time lapse is 15
seconds and can be changed by the administrator.

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