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Morphing Area and Global Area

The upper part of the MorphoX user interface shows what we call the
Morphing Area. That's the area holding all the controls to operate the
modules which are morphing between the two sub-programs A and B. It's
not required to technically understand the process of morphing, especially
as it behaves differently for each module. The important thing is that it's not
just a volume crossfading, which would be quite boring, but a process
which gradually changes one sound to another, revealing some – often
unexpected – intermediate sounds between the two sub-programs A and B.

You surely already came across a sound where moving the modulation
wheel does open the filter, that's a very simple morphing process, having
two synth sounds, one with filter closed and one with the filter more open.
In MorphoX however, there is not changing just one property, but about 100
properties of a sound, from which some describe complex modulations (the
ones from the modulation matrix).

While the complete basic synth engine and the chorus and delay effect can
be morphed, there is also a Global Area. The Global Area, opposed to the
Morphing Area above, does hold modules and controls for the whole
instrument which does not depend on the modulation wheel and thus not
All aspects of the Morphing Area and the Global Area are described in
detail in the following chapters.

MorphoX user manual 1.1.0

page 10