Appendix a: modulation sources and destinations – LinPlug MorphoX User Manual

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Appendix A: Modulation Sources and Destinations

Modulation Sources


The note being played with a linear response. The
modulation value follows the note number


The MIDI note-on velocity information. The harder
the key is hit, the higher the modulation value


The Aftertouch, also sometimes called Pressure
value (either Mono or Poly, whatever your
keyboard supports) is used as modulation source.
Your MIDI keyboard must support this. If this
doesn't work it is likely that your keyboard has no
aftertouch (unipolar).

Pitch Wheel

The value of the Pitch-Wheel is taken as
modulation source, maybe it makes sense to
reduce the Pitch Wheel range on the Settings page
to 0 when using the Pitch Wheel as modulation
source. The Pitch Wheel is bipolar

Modulation Wheel

The MIDI modulation wheel (MIDI CC 1)
(unipolar ). This one is mainly used to control the
morphing. Thought it might make sense to use it in
the modulation matrix.

Breath Controller

MIDI CC 2 (unipolar).

Foot Controller

MIDI CC 4 (unipolar).

Expression Contr.

MIDI CC 11 (unipolar).

Amp Envelope

The Main Amplitude envelope. This envelope
controls the overall output Volume, however if it
makes sense within the preset to do so, the
envelope can be used as a modulation source

MorphoX user manual 1.1.0

page 42