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V100 User Guide



V100 Start Up

1.Ensure that your V100 is powered on, as indicated by the Power LED.

2.WAN LED will light up if an ethernet cable is connected to the WAN port.

3.The Phone LED will begin flashing, indicating that the V100 is booting up.

4.When the phone LED stops flashing, the boot up process has finished.

Resetting the V100 ATA to its factory default settings:

1.Ensure that your V100 has completed booting up.

2.Use a paper clip or a pencil tip to depress the reset button for at lest 5 seconds and then

release the button.

3.At this point, the Phone LED light will flash a few times then stop.

The reset process is

now in progress.

4.The Phone LED will continue flashing for a few seconds.

Now the V100 has rebooted.

5.When the phone LED stops flashing, the reboot has finished.