Cannot get bi-directional conversation, Cannot receive any incoming calls, No dtmf tone at remote site – NetComm V100 User Manual

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V100 User Guide


Cannot get bi-directional conversation


Register to a VoIP provider’s SIP server is successful.

You can make and receive calls. However, you cannot hear remote party’s voice or in some
situations both sides cannot hear each other.


If your V100 is behind a NAT/Firewall, call your VoIP provider to see whether you need
STUN support to traverse a NAT/Firewall.

Configure your STUN client using correct STUN server information (refer to the section on
STUN Tab for more information). Your VoIP provider might provide you this information.

Cannot receive any incoming calls

If you cannot receive any incoming calls, please make sure “UnConditional” call forwarding is
disabled. This function blocks all incoming calls and forwards them to the phone number you
specified in configuration.

No DTMF tone at remote site

If the remote site cannot properly get DTMF tones that are generated from your side, please try
different DTMF relay mode (in band or RFC 2833).