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Upgrading the V100's Firmware

To upgrade the V100's firmware please download the latest version from the NetComm website. See

1.Create a folder on you PC and copy the downloaded file to this folder.

2.Next run your V100 ATA Utility.

Select the Upgrade tab.

3.Next type in the location of the firmware upgrade file and its name in 'The Image File' field.

Alternativly, you can click on the button with the 3 dots located next to this field and
browse your PC for the file’s location.

4.Click the “Upgrade” button once you have located the file.

5.A popup screen will be displayed with a message indicating that the firmware is being


6.The V100 will automatically reboot itself once the firmware upgrade has finished.

Warning: Do not unplug the power from the V100 while the firmware upgrade is in

progress. Unplugging the device will cause serious damage to your V100.