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V100 User Guide


Phone Configuration

User Name:

Your VoIP phone number. Your VoIP provider will assign you
this number. If you are not with a VoIP provider, this number is a
self-defined number in Peer-to-Peer call mode. (Refer to the
section on Telephone Book Tab for instructions. )

Display Name:

What the called party sees when you call them.


G.729 is a high compression codec which only occupies 8kbits/
sec, whereas G.711 alaw and G.711 ulaw require 64kbits/sec. We
highly recommend you use G.729 instead of G.711 alaw/ulaw.
Default: G.729.


Default: In-band.

Proxy and Registrar

Proxy / Registrar Info:

The IP address of the SIP server on the Internet. The proxy server
is responsible for forwarding requests received from the V100
ATA to your VoIP service provider.

Port No.:

The port on the SIP server that receives requests from the V100
ATA. Default: 5060.

Domain Info:

The registrar that saves information of where a party can be

Auth User Name:

The authentication username assigned by your VoIP service
provider. This can be different to your VoIP number.

Auth Password:

The authentication password assigned by your VoIP service


This is a duration of interval for SIP keep alive registration.
Default: 60.


The priority assigned to the V100 ATA to register on the SIP
server of your VoIP service provider. The value must be between
0 and 1 with 1 having the highest priority. Default: 0.8.