NetComm V100 User Manual

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V100 User Guide



User Name:

Enter the username of the person (e.g. Kirstin) that you want to
reach. And the remote party must use this username to accept
incoming calls.

Speed Dial:

Enter a speed dial number (e.g. 123). Whenever dialling 123
using your V100 you will be connecting to the Destination IP
address on the specified port.

Dest IP Address:

The IP address of the device to which you want to connect to.

Display Name:

The name displayed to the person you are calling.

You will need to ask the person you are calling to configure their Internet device (Modem/Router) to
allow connections on the specified port to be forwarded to their SIP phone or ATA.

To delete an entry, select the tick box and click the Del button: