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Minimum System Requirements

A spare Ethernet port on the router or switch attached to your modem, if you wish to
access to the Internet..

A working broadband Internet connection. Consult an ISP if you do not have a broadband

A valid SIP VoIP account. There are generally two types available.

One type that only provides a VoIP number allows the V100 user to send and recieve calls
to and from other VoIP users. This service also allows the V100 user to call regular
telephone numbers, but not recieve calles from regular telephones.

The second type has an additional charge and provides the V100 user with a real world
telephone number that allows the V100 user to recieve calls from normal telephones. It
also provides all of the services of the first type.

Please contact a VoIP service provider and check the features in detail that their plans

You do not need a valid SIP VoIP account if you only want to make peer-to-peer calls.
(Refer to the section on Telephone Book Tab for instructions.)

Analogue telephone (e.g. Telstra phone or a DECT (cordless telephone) base station) to be
connected to the telephone (RJ11) port on the V100.

A microfilter is required if you have an ADSL connection and wish to connect another
telephone or facsimile directly to the line.


If you wish to use the caller ID feature, you will need a telephone with an LCD

screen. Additionally you will need a VoIP Service that supports these features.
Please check with your VoIP provider to acertain if they support features such as
Caller ID and Call Forwarding on their networks.