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Do I need a Micro filter?

Micro filters are used to prevent common telephone equipment, such as phones, answering
machines and fax machines, from interfering with your ADSL service. If your ADSL enabled
phone line is being used with any other equipment other than your ADSL Modem then you
will need to use one Micro filter for each phone device.

Note: A Microfilter is not required with a Cable Internet connection.

Splitters may be installed when your ADSL line is installed or when your current phone line is
upgraded to ADSL. If your telephone line is already split you will not need to use a Microfilter
- check with your ADSL service provider if you are unsure.

Each micro filter is connected in-line with your telephone or fax machine so that all signals
pass through it. Telephones and/or facsimiles in other rooms that are using the same exten-
sion will also require Microfilters. The following diagram gives an example of connecting your
ADSL Modem/Router using a Microfilter.