Installing the v100 ata utility – NetComm V100 User Manual

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V100 User Guide


Installing the V100 ATA Utility

1.Insert the CD-ROM provided in your package.

2.The following screen will appear automatically.


Should the V100 CD not start automatically, you may not have the Autorun

feature enabled on your PC. To overcome this, open a Windows Explorer screen,
Select the CD-Rom drive into which you have put the V100 CD in and excecute
the Autorun.exe file by double clicking on it. The below screen will then appear.

Shortcut on your Windows desktop

NetComm V100 PCTool utility

3.Select the “Install Utility” button and follow the

onscreen prompts to install the utility.

4. Upon the completion of installing the configura-

tion utility, you will find the corresponding icons
in Windows "All Programs" section and program
short cut on your Windows desktop.