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Option A - Ethernet ADSL Internet Connection

Connect the V100 ATA to your ADSL modem as illustrated in the following diagram:

Figure 1 - Connecting the V100 ATA to an ADSL Router/Modem

1.Connect the Phone socket on the rear of your V100 ATA to an analogue telephone using a

RJ-11 cable.

2.Connect the WAN socket on your ATA to one of the LAN ports of your router/switch

using a Category 5 cable.


If you do not have any spare Ethernet ports on your ADSL modem / router and

you would like to connect to the Internet with your PC, you will need to add a
switch to the ADSL router/modem.

3.Connect the POWER socket on the rear of your V100 ATA to the power adaptor supplied

and plug into a wall socket.


If you have a Telstra telephone line you are still able to receive PSTN calls, but

you will need a microfilter and an additional analogue telephone.

Do not under any circumstanced connect the V100 directly to a phone line.