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Using the V100 ATA Configuration Utility

Once the V100 ATA Configuration Utility has been installed you will see the following window:

Status Tab

VoIP Phone Number:

Your VoIP provider will assign a number. If you are intending to
use the V100 ATA in an IP to IP mode (commonly known as
Peer-to-Peer) you must configure the V100 ATA with the correct
settings. Please refer to the section on Telephone Book Tab for
further instructions.


Indicates whether you have registered with the SIP server of
your VoIP service provider.

Connection Mode:

PPPoE / DHCP / Fixed IP - The V100 ATA is setup as a DHCP
client by default.

IP Address:

The IP address of the V100 ATA. If you have a DHCP server
running on your modem/router, the address indicated has been
assigned by this service. If you use a Fixed IP Connection Mode
this address is manually set by you.

Subnet Mask:

The subnet mask of the V100 ATA.

Default Gateway:

The gateway's address through which the V100 ATA communi-
cates with the Internet. This is usually your modem / router.