Appendix b: troubleshooting, Wan led is off, No dial tone – NetComm V100 User Manual

Page 32: Fail to register on a sip server

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Appendix B: Troubleshooting

WAN LED is off

Please check whether your V100 is connected to a switch or a broadband router/modem properly
using a category 5 Ethernet cable.

No dial tone

If you cannot hear a dial tone after the V100 has completely booted up, please see Appendix A and
follow the steps to diagnose problems based on the connection type you are using (Cable or DSL).

Fail to register on a SIP server


No dial tone;

Unable to make/receive calls;

The “Status” page of configuration utility shows “Not Registered”.


1) Diagnosing Internet connection

If you are using xDSL broadband, check whether your xDSL router/modem has got line

Check whether your router/modem has established PPP connection with your ISP.

If your V100 uses PPPoE mode, your xDSL router/modem has to work in bridge mode.
Check whether your V100 can establish PPP connection (refer to the section on Connec-
tion Mode Tab for more information).

2) Diagnosing V100 connection

If you choose DHCP, please make sure your V100 has been assigned a valid IP address
from your DHCP server (refer to the section on Status Tab for more information)

If you choose FixedIP, please check whether you inputted an unused IP address, correct
subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server IP address.

3) Diagnosing your SIP account

You have to make sure all SIP account information is correct including SIP username,
Auth. ID, Auth. Password, SIP server domain name/IP address and SIP server registration
port (refer to the section on SIP Tab for details for more information).

Do not change SIP server registration port unless you know what you are doing.

If you are unsure about these parameters please call your VoIP service provider.