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7) Preparation

Connecting to a TV / Display

Depending on your TV and other equipment you wish to connect, there are various ways you
can connect the player to your AV equipment and computer network.
Please refer to the manual of your TV, stereo system or other devices where necessary to
make the best connections.
For better sound reproduction, you can connect the player’s Audio output to a separate
amplifier / AV receiver.

The Helios X3000 offers 4 different video output options and 11 different video output resolutions.
Proper video setup is needed to ensure optimum results.

Make one of the following connections depending on your equipment (TV / computer monitor,
projector etc).


If your display device only supports standard definition video input (PAL or NTSC), then you
can connect your TV with the Helios X3000 via composite video cable, S-video cable or
component cable.

A. Digital HDMI (or DVI) connection
The following resolutions are available via HDMI connection:

480p/ 576p/ 720p/ 1080i/ 720P 50hz/ 1080i 50hz/ 1080p and 1280 X 768

The HDMI output of you HELIOS X3000 can output both digital audio and video signal
over the same HDMI cable.
Use the HDMI cable to connect the player to the HDMI input of your display. When a
HDMI output resolution is selected your X3000 will output both video and audio.